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  Technical Information and additional Programs
  • SMS Alarm with Thermoguard
  • Example of a two-stage sensor alarm
  • Information on two and four wire technology

      Technical Information
  • Technical information: Using dynamic IPs with a DSL router
  • Technical information: Ethernets via the household power circuit (e.g devolo "dLAN")
  • Technical information: Using the AK Modul-Bus relay interface with Thermoguard

      SMS-Alarm with ThermoguardŽ
  • E-mail as SMS (german PDF file)

    Tryk for stort billede
      Example of a two-stage sensor alarm
      From version 1.93 onwards, the CAM (Custom Alarm Module) function is now sensor-specific, allowing you to implement multi stage alarm functions for the same sensor. In the example, a warning e-mail is sent at 28 °C; the monitored server is closed down at 35 °C!.

  • Example for a CAM (german ZIP file)

      Information on two and four wire technology
      This technical briefing tells you everything about two and four wire technology when using temperature sensors. The correct way to connect the sensors to the Thermoguard sensorcontroller is also documented.

  • TG-Fourwire (german PDF file)

      Using dynamic IPs with a DSL-Router
      Beginning with Version 1.96, you can monitor an Object with Thermoguard via the Internet by using a router with support for dynamic IP numbers; e.g. DynDNS., and a sensorcontroller. There is no need for a PC or Laptop on the client side. You only need a telephone line with permanent Internet access; e.g. DSL.

  • TG-DynDNS (german PDF file)

      Ethernet via the household power circuit
      This information shows you, that a missing network connector near to your refrigerator is not a problem. Simply use the 110/230 V electrical wiring and two powerline modules (e.g. devolo "dLAN") to connect the remote network and your Thermoguard sensorcontroller at the refrigerator.

  • TG-dLAN (german PDF file)

      "AK Modul-Bus" relay interface with Thermoguard
      This information shows you several possibilities using the relay interface from "AK Modul-Bus" together with Thermoguard.

  • TG-RelIF (german PDF file)


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